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A Few Words About Us

From 1989 the GRIF operates in the world of the flight both Italian how International, after having produced hang-glider, it has begun in 1994 the production of wings for trike, currently we have in list 23 models of wings and we collaborate with the most famous producers of trike both Italian how foreign.

Passed the ugly moment that he has seen involves us in an investigation for a deadly accident, the GRIF has gotten a sentence that totally excuses us, our wing has not provoked any accident, our wing has suffered only breakups following the impact with the ground, also confirming the great sorrow for the loss of two lives, we are really proud for the results underlined by the accurate examinations effected on our wings, revealed themselves more suitable to the employments declared from the house, to today, over 300 wings for trike have been produced by the GRIF and distribute both in Italy and in the rest of the world. 2003 The absolute novelty, it concerns the new looms KPL (king post less) the Coach KPL it is also the first wing to use this new loom and in a brief future all the other models they will be available in the two versions, Traditional " with cables and " Structed " , the Coach KPL is now about to undergo in the opinion of the technicians and the impassioned ones. From 2002, we have begun a profitable collaboration with the mark Aerotec, firm directed by the ing. Massimo Tedesco creative of the serious MXP, in these three years we have contributed to the direct inseriment of this mark on the Italian market, occupying us of the marketing and of the technical part with suggestions aimed to realize an ultralight according to the demands of the Italian market.

They were in so many to wish a raising of the flight, the GRIF has made concrete things in this direction, the collaboration with the school " Blue Arrows " of San Stino di Livenza is giving his fruits, therefore we continue on this road making available other 3 wings for of the schools of hang-glider rented in the other zones....... 2008 in this year have reached our objective; considering that it is in production the whole serious KPL of our models.

The novelties are not ended, you visit our site, we will constantly hold you adjourned because is in the field of the Hang-glider that in that of the Ultralight, the experience from us acquired in these years of activity and our dynamism, united to our initiative they make us unique.